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Electrical Engineering

Unread post by jbryce1437 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:22 pm

I was drafted to HMS Collingwood twice during my career in the Royal Navy. The first time was for Part 2 training after passing out from HMS Raleigh in the autumn of 1963. My first Division was Faraday Division and we lived in wooden huts at the south east corner of the parade ground. At that time the parade ground was the largest in Europe and I did several circuits of it as punishment, sometimes with a .303 rifle above my head.
Duties there included working in the Dining Hall, washing plates and cups - fortunately in a large dish washing machine. Another duty was Internal Security Patrol, where you were required to sleep, fully dressed with boots and gaiters on and with your wooden axe handle and tin helmet at your bedside. We did security patrols of the "Out of Bounds" areas, such as "The White City", checking doors and windows of all buildings. With some sensitive equipment being housed in some of the buildings, security was tight. I can recall that on one of my duties I was locked inside a building which housed newly developed radar equipment, and was let out again next morning. The building had metal bars over all of the windows and doors and it crossed my mind what would happen if a fire broke out while I was locked in and I formed the opinion that I was expendable ;)
After a short time, I moved to Lodge Division and we had our own little NAAFI canteen, complete with pinball table. We soon found that if you placed a couple of NAAFI ashrays under the front legs of the pinball machine that it clocked up credits and you could play on it for hours.

Preparation for rounds in Lodge Division

jem2 bryce john reay hms collingwood 1963.jpg

The leading hand of our small mess, of around a dozen people, was LEM Terry Harwood. Terry lived not far from me in the North East and he was on his killicks course. Our paths crossed again later, the first after I was drafted to HMS Ark Royal in February 1964 and Terry was also drafted to her when he finished his killicks course. The next time that I "bumped" into him was after I had left the navy and I was serving with the Fire Brigade in Sunderland. I was on loan with the turntable ladder to a different station to the one I was posted to and was having lunch on the top floor. We received a call to a fire and I ran over to the firemans pole and slid down two floors to the appliance room. As I stepped off the mat at the bottom I got tangled with someone standing there. It was Terry Harwood and he had come to the station to fix the floor scrubbing machine. Fortunately, the call wasn't for my appliance, so I had a chance to talk to him about old times.
After serving on the Ark 1964-67 and passing my exams for killick, I was drafted back to Collingwood in the summer of 1967. Before the course commenced, the whole class was commandeered, along with others from other Portsmouth shore bases, to act as Street Lining Party for the state visit of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. We practiced lining the main drive and across the parade ground, in preparation to lining the streets of London beside the Tate Art Gallery. As it turned out, I ended up sitting in the back of a covered lorry, just off Albert Embankment, with piles of raincoats, which would have to be dished out if it started to rain. It never did, so I ended up doing all of the training for nothing.
I was still an able rate, and Under Age for the tot, when I started the course, but I qualified for a tot near the end and I was promoted to killick shortly afterwards. At the end of my killicks course I spent six weeks training as an Electrical Officers Writer and did three weeks of Admin training at Collingwood and three weeks in Semaphore Tower, in Portsmouth Dockyard where a Chief Petty Officer Writer taught us to touch-type.
I finished my killicks course with Mechanicians marks of 70%, but I would have had to sign on to undertake the two year course, even though I still had around 7 years before my engagement expired and could have fitted it in comfortably.

Killicks course in Armada Block

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Re: Electrical Engineering

Unread post by ivorthediver » Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:06 pm

Yes one often thinks that our paths are mapped out long before we breach , but are allowed a couple of choices just to prove how wrong we can make them eh Jim :)
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Re: Electrical Engineering

Unread post by oldsalt » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:18 pm

The new propulsion systems ie Diesel/ Gas Turbine/ motors are they similar to the system we had in the Survey Ship Hecla ?

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